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For Mama

Yea, you definitely get gifts, too! Remember that having the time and tools to relax and recharge is NOT a luxury; it’s absolutely necessary for happily and heathfully mothering a newborn.

Yea, you definitely get gifts, too! Remember that having the time and tools to relax and recharge is NOT a luxury; it’s absolutely necessary for happily and heathfully mothering a newborn.

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  • Lansinoh

    Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle

    With the Postpartum Wash Bottle, Herbal Postpartum Spray, and Hot & Cold Postpartum Therapy Package, this bundle will help you prepare to manage birth-related pain and discomfort. These most-loved items by mamas are great for use on their own—and even more convenient when used in their 3-step recovery process: Cleanse, Soothe, Relieve.

  • Nunona

    Mama Balls

    Snacks today for Mama, lifelong health for baby. Nunona’s debut product, Mama Balls, is an industry first. Focused on helping Mom create quality breast milk, our energy balls have nutrients that help support babies brain and body throughout their lifetime. With pre-portioned daily packs, we help take the guesswork out of getting extra energy –  when it’s needed most.

  • Yogi

    Tea Bedtime Tea

    A hot cup of tea sounds like a magical way to end your day, doesn’t it? Brew yourself a cup of this bedtime sipper, made with passionflower, chamomile, licorice, cardamom, and cinnamon, and sip it while soaking in the bath. Your eyes will be heavy in no time.

  • Bodily

    C-Section Birth Box

    If you’re anticipating a cesarean birth, prepare for recovery with this brilliantly curated gift box. It includes a belly band, high-raise recovery panties, nipple cream and much more. This kit will help you feel confident and prepared for your birth experience and all that comes afterward.

  • Ever Eden

    Strong Mama Essentials

    This skincare trio is designed to support your skin during pregnancy, the postpartum period and beyond. With this lifting and firming lotion, nourishing stretch mark cream, and golden belly serum, taking care of your skin can feel like a spa-like, luxurious experience.

  • Matrescence

    Rose Gold Brightening Essence

    This brightening essence will give your skin a welcome boost. Made with aloe vera, chamomile, pomegranate juice and more, you can expect a balanced skin tone while irritants are soothed. We also love that this BIPOC-owned company keeps all mamas in mind with their products.

  • Matrescence

    Stretch Mark Relief Restorative Butter

    A butter that’s deeply calming to the mind, soothing to the body and uplifting to the spirit is exactly what a mama needs. This mix of avocado oil, St. John’s Wort and green tea extract will quickly restore hydration and possibly minimize stretch marks over time.

  • Orgaid

    Organic, Biodegradable Sheet Mask

    When you can’t actually get to the spa, a powerful sheet mask is the next best thing. This six-pack is backed by biomaterial research to effectively provide next-level results in a safe, organic way. Simply smooth one on, then sit back and let it do its thing.

  • Motherly

    "I Am Enough" Cuff Bracelet

    Hear that, mama? You are enough. Celebrate that truth with this daily reminder in the form of a lovely token, which was created so you won’t soon forget it. Made of 14K gold plate over stainless steel, this squeeze-adjustable engraved affirmation cuff comes in gold, rose gold and silver.

  • Motherly

    The Pregnancy Wellness Class

    In this class, our experts will help you take the very best care of yourself throughout this awesome transition. From nutritional tips to how to get some sleep. Let us help!

  • Motherly

    The Motherly Birth Class

    Welcoming and nurturing in every way, The Motherly Birth Class is your evidence-based guide to having your best birth. Join us!

  • Motherly

    The Postpartum Wellness Class

    Let us be your village to help you navigate the fourth trimester with confidence and the support you need. We’ve got you, mama!

  • Ovia Health

    Ovia Health: tracking for fertility, pregnancy, & parenthood

    Ovia’s family of apps is designed for every family journey, from cycle tracking through pregnancy and parenting. Download the app that’s right for you to access personalized family health support, clinically-backed tools & content, and answers to all your fertility, pregnancy, and parenting questions.

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